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March, 2021


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About Me

Samantha Phelan is a gaming industry professional with experience working in both operational and creative branches of the role-playing game industry. Her writing is informed by a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology and linguistics. Uniting that education along with studies in Tokyo, Japan and self-publishing creative writing works throughout her life, she utilizes these experiences to apply a holistic understanding of people, cultures, and storytelling to contribute rich content to a diversifying subculture of gamers.

Having developed a deep love of the gaming community during her undergraduate research on gaming culture, Samantha hopes to inspire gamers by developing complex and emotional worlds and characters. The challenge and joy she finds in writing for games is utilizing the system’s mechanical features to enhance interactive stories. Driven to pursue the skills to turn traditional narrative skills into game content, Samantha became a proud contributor to both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Starfinder Roleplaying Game. She continues to produce articles and scenarios for both of these award-winning game systems.

Samantha is currently working in operations at Paizo Inc. and as a freelance writer. She is interested in expanding her contributions to new projects. If you have any questions about Samantha or her portfolio of work, please connect at