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Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual

April, 2021

Contributions include rules elements for expanding Starfinder campaigns with diverse landscapes and settings.


Pathfinder Bestiary 3

March, 2021



Pathfinder Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide

February, 2021


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December, 2020

Contributions include designing and establishing lore content for two brand new monsterous additions to the galaxy of Starfinder. In addition to providing immersive and mechanically interesting beasts, each creature also contains new player options, such as new items and body augmentations.

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Starfinder Society Scenario #3-03: Frozen Ambitions: The Shimmerstone Gateway

October, 2020


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June, 2020

Contributions include enriching and expanding on a major starship manufacturer, and creating starship designs under that manufacturer's brand.

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July, 2020

Contributions include designing and creating world friendly additions to the landscape of urban monsters in the Lost Omens setting.


March, 2020

In this book exploring the vastness of Near space, my contributions include fleshing out the dynamic core planet, Vesk-5, and creating the Stormrunner player theme. Pages 44-49, 141
"Vesk‑5 and its moons can be dangerous places to live or visit. One of the greatest conflicts on Vesk‑5 is between the Veskarium and the elusive stormrunners. High Despot Kesharkan utterly despises these outlaws, whom the vesk leader views as weak, skulking, and dishonorable smugglers who trespass on Vesk‑5 to pilfer the resources that the Veskarium has rightfully claimed. Kesharkan spares no mercy for anyone caught illegally gathering or trading Vesk‑5’s valuable ores. Kesharkan’s obsession with absolute control and obedience from the planet’s inhabitants often leads to harsh punishments for even accidental infractions. Stormrunners risk their lives in more ways than one when they plunge into Vesk‑5’s stormy atmosphere in search of riches."
"The tumultuous atmosphere of Vesk-5 or another storm-ridden world has trained you to navigate difficult or even forbidden airspaces with grace. You’ve learned recognize the order in the apparent randomness of a storm. Your knowledge of weather patterns, ability to make split second decisions, and near-instantaneous reaction time give you the ability to move just a bit faster than the lightning on your tail. Wherever you picked up this skill, you know how to read a situation and never take your surroundings for granted."

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October, 2019

Coordinated with a team of writers to produce a series of independent but related short adventures focused on introducing new players to different aspects of the game. By using stories to encourage different kinds of gameplay, each contribution emphasizes the many kinds of stories and game modes possible in the Starfinder game system. Pages 4-7.
"Before sending the Starfinders to Tharsa’s gate at Absalom Station’s spaceport, a recording from Venture-Captain Naiaj provides the PCs with information on Tharsa and the exact arrival time of her starliner. The starliner’s gate at the designated spaceport is unexpectedly busy and contains several suspicious individuals. The Starfinders can take measures to mitigate any threats they can identify in preparation for Tharsa’s arrival.
Once Tharsa arrives, the Starfinders have but a moment to greet their charge before a group of mercenaries scattered through the crowd descends upon them. The ensuing combat varies depending on the measures taken before the ship’s arrival, and AbadarCorp praises the PCs for their forward thinking if they swiftly subdue the ambush, protect Tharsa, and prevent port-wide panic."


To Be Determined

Contributions include designing a playable ancestry, and creating setting content and adventure hooks for one of Absalom's vibrant, distinct districts.

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January, 2020

Contributions include consolidating and elaborating upon world-building content regarding Lamashtu, one of the primary gods in the Lost Omens setting pantheon. Pages 32-33.
"Above all else, Lamashtu desires the proliferation, permeation, and dominance of her children. Her touch upon the mortal world reveals the repugnant flaws among those considered to be beautiful and moral. She and her followers seek opportunities to rip the veil of innocence from every creature and reveal the writhing, heinous potential in a hypocritical world.
Lamashtu takes the form of a pregnant woman with scars crossing her swollen belly. Great black wings protrude from her back, and her legs contort into enormous avian talons. A third eye is vertically set above her jackal snout. From Karnugia, her personal realm in the Abyss, she reigns as the Queen of Demons and creator of heinous beasts."


September, 2019

Contributions include designing and establishing lore content for a "Ferrofluid Ooze" creature. Pages 34-35.
"While not inherently ill meaning, ferrofluid oozes often are at odds with the owners of the magnetic objects they covet. Usually utterly indifferent to organic life, ferrofluid oozes seek only to collect magnetic material--though they do defend themselves, and can attack when stubborn life-forms refuse to relinquish their magnetic goods."

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